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After 6/19/15:Historical Records!

This page isn't active! But if you've found it anyway, please feel free to browse through the old messages from the Director.

6/18/15:Halfway Through 2015

It's June already and I can tell it's going to be one hot summer. The heat has been coming down on us all as we practice each weekend. It's strange, but with 2015 half over, I still wish we could do more events!

We had our best year ever at Fanime. Great crowd, some soon to be Prospects, and great to see old friends. We have guild testing coming up which will be two days of stress, heat, combat, and eating. Our Southern Chapter will be at the Escondido Ren Fair while our Northern Chapter will be at Casa De Fruta Ren Fair. We are also trying to get a contract for the Hunger Games movie opening in San Francisco!

So stay tuned all!! Exciting things coming your way!

4/30/15:Fanime Classes

Well, health issues prevented me from going to see our San Diego chapter at fair this last weekend. But I do hope that some of you were able to go and try your hand at the sword. I heard that weather was fine and mellow this weekend for once and I am sure that I missed a jolly old time.

Our biggest event of the year is coming up at the end of May and we are all working hard and getting ready for it. It seems strange that it's coming up so fast since I still remember the last one but yes....

Fanime is coming!!

This is the first year where the web blog has been here to tell you about us so I am going to take the opportunity to go more in to detail here.

Our guild works for Fanime as staff and we are in charge of "The Dojo" at Fanime. Basically, we have a huge ballroom on the first floor and we hold panels, workshops and classes on all topics of martial arts and weapons play. This year we will have:

  •       Yoga
  •       Krav Maga
  •       Exotic weapons panel
  •       Long sword workshop
  •       Paired sword workshop
  •       Spear workshop
  •       Leather working classes
  •       Line combat panel
  •       Self Defense for women workshops
  •       and a few extra panels by other clubs.

Best of all is that entry is FREE with your Fanime pass.

So make sure you join us at con!!

4/5/15:Greetings from LDV

Wow!! Time sure does fly when you're trying to run a guild and have a regular job at the same time. But here we are and I am glad to give you all some updates!

2015 has been very busy already. We have new prospects for both of our chapters. We are doing research in starting a new chapter. We've done our first two events and are about to head in to the busiest part of our season!! Knights North had a very good time at LDV ren fair last weekend. It was great to see the new kids and to reconnect with the old students. We may even expand for next year!

Knights South will be at the Escondido Renaissance Faire both weekends starting April 25th!!

Then it's time for Fanime in May!

I hope we will see you at one of our events. Please check our calendar to keep updated on our season!

1/07/2015: Happy New Year!

It's been a long time since I was last online and much has happened! We have finished our 2014 season and are about to start our first con for 2015! So let's take things one at a time:

You may have notriced a change in the design of our website. That's because I am proud to say that we have become a CA incorporated company and are on our way towards filing for non-profit status. From now on we are the 'Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild Inc'. I could not be more proud of the team that worked so hard to make this happen and I can not wait to start making more exciting events and panels and classes happen because of the expansion this allows us.

Our Knights South Chapter has their first convention the weekend of Jan 9-10th at Anime Los Angeles. I will be joining them for three of the con days so please come and introduce yourself and say hello.

Our Knights North have our first 2015 event on March 27 at the LDV Renaissance Fair in Sacramento. I can not wait to see how much some of the students have grown.

Lastly, you will note that we have updated and changed many of the pictures on this website. We hope to do this each quarter so that we can always keep up to date and show you what we've been upto at our latest events. Our flagship photo on the home page is fresh from the California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Hollister!

Happy New Year everyone! Here's looking ahead to a great 2015!

5/30/2014: Post-Con Recap

It was a crazy time at Fanime this last weekend with HUGE crowds for all of our events!  The word is getting out there and we may have to expand for next year.  It also seems like it was a much younger crowd this year which makes me very happy as the future of what we do belongs to the youth of today.  It was great to see so many people take interest.

We also made many contacts and soon you may see us at more anime conventions.  We will see how things work out

Thank you all fro your support and for showing up and saying hi.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event!!  Casa DeFruita here we come!!

Director, TKRG

5/15/2014: Updates from San Diego

So I had a wonderful time in San Diego last weekend working the first official event of our Knights South Chapter.  I have to say in all honesty that they kicked ass!!

We were not the most plentiful guild nor the fanciest.  We did not draw the biggest crowds.  But I know that everyone who paid to get in to that fair left our camp with a smile having learned something or had a great time sword fighting.   We made many new friends both in and out of fair and I am looking forward to future events. I am so proud of the Southern Knights chapter and I was very happy to meet some of our newest Prospects.  I truly feel that the chapter is off to a fine public start at last and that the future is secure.  I want to take this time to thank all of the Members and Prospects of Knights South for a wonderful time, for all of their hard work and for making our name shine! 

On a slightly related note as far as new things.  I am proud to announce that as of May 1, 2014, the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild now has within its parent program the Twilight Knights Archery Squad.   Thats right, we are making it official.  With the popularity of archery making a comeback due to films such as Hunger Games and Brave and with video games like Laura Croft we feel that it was about time that those of us who are archers as well as swordsmen (And women!) start making this well loved art known once again.  So look to see our archery squad members with the special pins on their guild berets and please come up to them and ask all your archery questions!!

Lastly, wow, it is now two weeks before FanimeCon in San Jose.  Where did the time go?  I hope that you are all ready to come to con and see us in our very own room located in the Hilton Ballroom.  Look for it on your con maps!  It is listed as "The Dojo!"  We have a great set of demos, classes, workshops and hands on events this year....but you wont get to see them unless you show up!!

See you all at Con!!

Director, TKRG

4/14/2014: Busy Start to the Season

Wow, what a busy two weeks for our guild. We worked a sold-out crowd for the SF Hack_Cancer charity event. The evening was a Game of Thrones themed party known as The Royal Affair. The following Friday we set up camp with the Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary School's annual Renaissance Faire in Sacramento. Back to back events within 7 days can be exhausting but I'm proud of our work (See pictures!). We handled large crowds, cramped conditions, changes to our line-ups, LOTS of questions, all the while putting out a superior performance for our audience. A great time was had by all and we will be back fro more events and faires! There is also talk about founding LDV Elementary's first archery club.

Next up in two short weeks is Escondido Fair in San Diego with our Knights South Chapter where we will be greeting the crowds and doing one on one lessons for donations. Come by, say hello to a fine bunch of sword fighters and great bunch of people.

After that in another two short weeks will be Fanime in San Jose!

Where will we see you?

Director, TKRG

3/29/2014: Next Event Information

So, I did not think I would be back online adding anything until our new website has been up for at least a week.  But I had to share this information with you all!  I am very proud that our guild is a part of this!

So here is the official link for San Francisco HackCancer's Game of Thrones Night!!

Come join us, say hi, try some fine wines and let's beat cancer!!

Director, TKRG

3/28/2014: Welcome!

Welcome to our new website everyone!!  It has been years since we have updated our site and I can not tell you how excited I am to see and hear the reactions to what we have created!  We have added media, links to vendors, and changed the entire look of our web page to reflect a more modern and business-like look.  I hope that this site will give you a good idea of who and what we are as a guild as well as allow you to contact us for bookings and questions.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to our webmaster team for a job well done!!  They have worked hard on their own time to make this happen!

I feel it is most fitting that our new web site goes live on the very same week that our new 2014 season starts.  There are so many exciting things coming up for us and this web page is where you can get the details and information to come see us or join us at our events.  While any finalized dates will be on our calender page I just want to let you all know a few things we are working on:

Game of Thrones Season Premiere party in San Francisco
Leonardo da Vinci School Renaissance Fair
Fanime Convention in San Jose
Northern Renaissance Fair
Southern Renaissance Fair
LOSCon in Los Angeles
GeekGirls Con in Los Angeles
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt: 1 party in San Jose
The Mt. Madonna Bowmen Bug Shoot
And finally, our archery squad is being sponsered by Doan Archery and being entered at tournaments and shoots as a corporate team!

As you can see, many new and exciting events, as well as old established shows and cons!  This site and this page is where you will get all the news and updates for upcoming and current events with our guild.  I will be posting to this page at least once every two weeks so please make sure you check back often and see what's going on!!!   I am looking forward to this new season and our new year!

Thank you for visiting our page. I hope to see you at one of our events!

-Benjamin Hsu
Director, TKRG