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Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc.

Membership FAQs

Q: I saw you guys at a show and I want to be a member. How do I do so?

A: How it Works: If you're interested in joining our program we're happy to have you. The Twilight Knights are a group that welcomes all races, color, creeds and beliefs. The basic requirements to apply for membership are: A commitment to arriving to our practices on-time, ready to go. Willingness to learn, take instruction, and maintain the spirit of an apprentice when learning challenging new skills that may not come naturally to you. We will work with you if you work with us. Basically, you have to show up at one of our regular weekend meetings and ask to try out the program.

Q: Can it be that simple?

A: Nothing ever is, what you can expect on your first day is as follows: You arrive by noon (many of us routinely arrive 20 min early, don't be shy) and will be given standard liability waivers. You will be encouraged to participate and engage with us but are not obliged in anyway if you'd really just prefer to watch your first day. Participating means a 3 hour standard practice day with the Knights. This includes warm-up calisthenics and up to a 1/2 mile run to start the day. Following that, you will be handed over to an instructor with equipment ready to take your first lesson in English longsword style fencing. Once you have practiced what you have learned with an instructor you will be allowed into the pool for free fencing. After free fencing we may have focused lessons on different techniques, training drills, practice marching in a battle line, or otherwise preparing for our next show or event.

Q: What if I can't keep up?

A: Nobody is perfect, and there is a lot to cover to be ready to become a full member. A raw recruit's only responsibility is to continue showing up and participating to the BEST of THEIR ability. If you don't give up on yourself, we won't give up on you. Basically, how well you do is up to YOU!

Q: OK, I will try. What happens next?

A: After approximately 3-5 practices with the Knights as a guest, you will be advised that your try out period is over and be given a truthful and honest report on what the coaches think about your ability to stay with the program. If the coaches feel you can make it and that you have what it takes you will be advised to apply to become a Prospect. This counts as your "trial run" with the Knights. You have the responsibility of choosing a Sponsor from among the Knights and this person will be your coach as you go though the Prospect period. It is now both of your responsibilities to get you up to speed. You may be invited to shows and events; your attendance at practice is monitored, as well as your progress as a fencer and a guild member. Sooner or later the time may come for you to be voted in as a full member of the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, and even then, you'll only be beginning. (Remember the spirit of the apprentice?)

Q: What's the big deal? So I'm a member now after being a Prospect. What do you do now?

A: The Twilight Knights are a guild of dedicated people who travel around California to preserve, teach, demonstrate, and pass on the knowledge and skills of authentic 16th century arts and history. Our history is Renaissance combat, and our art is swordsmanship. Members of our guild are expected to meet a certain caliber of character, excellence, and professionalism when at practice, events, and wherever they may represent us. This is accomplished by following our program which seeks to instill knowledge as well as certain life skills and lessons. Honesty, leadership, and determination are qualities that we believe will serve you well as a fencer but also as a citizen in our modern times, so we hope to see you at practice!