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Bay Area Director:
Benjamin Hsu

San Diego Director:
John Proko

Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc.

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The Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc. was originally founded in Moraga, CA, in 1997 as the Twilight Knights Fencing Club. We changed our name and became the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild in 1998. In 2014, the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc. became incorporated in the state of California officially creating the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc. We are an active working performance guild whose mission is the recreation, reenactment, study and practice of 16th Century European fighting arts as well as the education of the public of the same arts so that we may pass on the skills and knowledge to future generations.

The Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild, Inc. has performed at a variety of shows and events around California for more than a decade. If you are curious about how to arrange a performance with us please contact either Benjamin Hsu or John Proko via email.

Bay Area Knights

Benjamin B. Hsu is the Guild Director. He is a former member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and fighter/instructor, a member of the American Jousting Alliance, a former competitor in the United States Fencing Alliance and a long-time stage fighting director. Ben is also a certified weapons master with the Wu Shu Society and the International Swordsman Society. He has been teaching freestyle fencing, stage fighting and 16th century combat techniques for over ten years.

Address: Memorial Park (Memorial Park, Cupertino, CA 95014)

Time: Saturday, 12pm-3pm

San Diego Knights

John Proko is an Assistant Director, and founder of the Twilight Knights San Diego Chapter. He is a long-time martial arts practitioner, a winner of numerous tournaments, has made a careful study of European weapon arts for more than ten years, and has been an instructor for four years and counting. The San Diego Chapter is not currently meeting at a regular time and place, but please feel free to contact John with your interest.